4 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

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You have a problem of lack of confidence because your teeth are white becomes yellowish? It certainly makes you feel less confident with your appearance when everyday activities. You become insecure and find it hard to get along? Teeth that have a yellowish color indicates the health condition you are also not prime? Why is that? Many factors cause teeth to turn yellow, but you do not have to worry. There are many things that can make your teeth become white again. Not a practical way (chemicals) and operations. How to whiten teeth on this one is the traditional way, without the side effects of course. How does the way that the teeth become whiter naturally? we will discuss it.

Keep in mind that there are some things that can cause your teeth become yellowish. One of the reasons that you are irregularities in teeth cleaning habits you consume beverages like coffee and tea can make your teeth appear yellowish. For those of you who have a smoking culture is also one of the main factors causing the color of your teeth yellow. Then how appropriate steps to whiten teeth without side effects (damage the tooth enamel)? Below will be discussed more clearly about the yellow in a natural way without worrying about your damaged tooth enamel.

How to Whiten Your Teeth yellowish

1. Using Charcoal
How to whiten teeth by using the subsequent wood charcoal. How can wood charcoal whiten your teeth? fairly easy, crushed charcoal, then use it to clean your teeth. Namely how to rub the wood charcoal to your teeth. Perform routine, until you see significant results. The thing to remember that do not use charcoal in an amount that is too much, you can use it as needed. If you use too much, it can damage your teeth protector email.

2. Using Orange Skin
The next natural way, you can use natural ingredients that is orange peel. Take the inside of the orange peel (white). Use the inside of the orange peel to rub your teeth. Perform routine, you will get your teeth naturally whiter patch. The use of orange peel does not damage tooth enamel.

3. Using Fruit Strawberry
The natural way to whiten teeth that subsequent use strawberries. Yes, the sweet fruit red sour turned out to contain a property to help whiten your yellow teeth. How to? As they had done before, you just rubbing strawberries into your teeth thoroughly. Afterwards, rinse that Strawberry sour taste to disappear. You also need to regularly use it if you want maximum results.

4. Lemon and Salt
How to whiten teeth with natural materials further, you can use lemon and salt. Lemon and salt, how to take lemon juice (a few drops) and then mixed with salt. Use it to clean your teeth. Again, not too much to add salt because it could damage your tooth enamel. Easy is not it? Congratulations whiten your teeth.

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