5 Minutes Per Day for the Get Stomach Sixpack!

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You do not have time to form a sixpack stomach? do not worry, there are exercises that only 5 minutes per day to shape your stomach sixpack.
Sixpack stomach to form a dream of almost all men, in addition to forming a more balanced body, has a sixpack stomach is also believed to boost your confidence. Unfortunately, if you are a workaholic who demanded to always discipline while at work, sometimes it is difficult to devote time to exercise in the gym let alone to form a sixpack stomach. But you need not be discouraged, because there are some exercises that can keep you can shape and have a sixpack stomach at home and it only takes 5 minutes per day.

The following 4 exercises for 5 minutes to form a sixpack stomach:

Mountain Climber 

Way to do :
  • Position the body such as the movement of Push-ups 
  • Place both hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder and right leg bent forward, left leg straight backward 
  • Change position of left and right legs quickly so that your right leg straight back and left leg bent forward 
  • Perform for 30 seconds


Way to do :
  • Position the body such as push-ups 
  • Body weight rests on your hands (from the elbow to the palm of the hand) 
  • Leg straight back 
  • Contract your abdominal muscles 
  • Perform for 30 seconds

Spiderman Push-Up 


Way to do:
  • Position the body such as push-up exercise 
  • Body weight rests on the palms 
  • Pull your right knee to right elbow 
  • Retraced early and did alternately 
  • Perform for 30 seconds 

Bicycle Crunch 


Way to do :
  • Lie down straight on your back on the floor 
  • Hands behind head 
  • Lift both legs slightly upward 
  • Bend your left leg and right turns like riding a bike 
  • Lift slightly the head and upper body 
  • Point your right elbow to your left knee alternately 
  • Perform for 30 seconds

Jackknife Sit-up 


Way to do :
  • Lie down straight on the floor 
  • Arms straight up, on the back of the head 
  • Inhale and lift the waist while lifting your arms along your legs to your hands and feet to meet the above 
  • Exhale and return to starting position 
  • Perform for 30 seconds 
So, no matter how busy you try to still can maintain your fitness and Balance your workout with a diet low in fat and high in protein.

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