5 Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally and Quickly

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Beautiful and thick hair is a dream of all women. The women are willing to do anything to get thick hair. How to thicken hair naturally is highly recommended because it is more natural and can help nourish the hair. In addition to using natural ingredients thicken hair an instant way also by using hair connector. Connect this hair can not only lengthen the hair but it can make the hair appear thicker. But unfortunately, this method can only survive a few moments. If the connection is released back hair its original thickness. By using natural material thickness of the hair will last longer and permanently.

To thicken hair naturally you also do not need to go to the salon, just do the treatment at home. Here are some natural ingredients that can help thicken the hair naturally.

1. Candlenut
The content in hazelnut is very good for hair health, one can nourish hair. To thicken the hair by using pecan quite easily. Hazelnut boil with enough water to remove the oil. Hazelnut oil is used to thicken hair. Hazelnut oil will usually appear on the surface of the water that has been boiled. Use the oil is at the root of the hair and apply evenly to the ends of the hair. Perform this activity every day so that the hair becomes thick.

2. Olive oil
In addition to using hazelnut oil, you can also use olive oil to thicken hair. Use olive oil as a hair oil each day. Within a short time the hair will become thick and not easily fall. This oil can be purchased at a pharmacy or beauty shop. The content of the olive oil can also help discolor hair.

3. Egg whites
How to thicken your hair naturally and quickly also can use egg whites. In the egg white contains a protein that is not only good for the body and skin, but also good for hair. White eggs that have separated off the beaten egg yolk and then apply evenly to the hair. Let stand for about 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. So that the smell is gone, you can use a shampoo and conditioner.

4. Aloe vera
Mucus aloe vera can also be used as a natural ingredient to thicken hair. The content of vitamin E in the aloe vera can help nourish the hair and make the hair becomes thick. Use aloe vera gel on the hair roots to the tips of the hair evenly. Then let stand for 30 minutes and then rinse with shampoo. Use this gel every before shampooing.

5. Green tea
The content of antioxidants in green tea was also good to thicken hair. In addition to antioxidants, green tea also contains vitamins that are good for the hair. To use green tea you should silence the green tea water for one night and then made the water green tea that has been stale for rinsing hair. Not only for rinsing, you also have to massage the hair roots. After that, rinse with clean water.

By using one of the above natural ingredients you can thicken your hair naturally and quickly. Natural ways above is highly recommended but of course by using natural materials require a long time. In addition to using natural materials, you also have to take care of the hair that are not easily fall out.

Beginning of hair becomes thin due to the loss. That hair is not easily fall out should not often tie your hair too long and toned. How to thicken hair naturally this can also be an alternative to reduce hair loss, and nourish hair.

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