8 How to Eliminate Underarm Odor Naturally

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How does it feel when you're in a cramped room with your friends, suddenly smelled super stinging your nose that come from the armpits of your friends. What would you do? Hold breath? Maybe yes. Or if you are the impatient kind, might be angry at your friend. But what if the opposite happens? You are evidently emit odors from your armpit to your friends in the space? Can imagine certainly embarrassed. Therefore, from now on must keep the scent, especially the armpits.

Tips Eliminate Underarm Odor

Underarm odor problem can be great when people who have a tendency to sweat easily. Causes of underarm odor is due to excessive perspiration and if not promptly cleaned will arise prickly heat. A little sweat, the smell can be disturbing. Some other causes that could cause underarm odor is because of the dietary factors, hormones in the body, even can also be an imbalance in the diet. It could also be the dead skin cells along with bacteria in the armpit.

There are many ways eliminate underarm odor, some of which are among other things:

1. Use deodorant.
How to remove the smell of underarm deodorant is the most widely used because it is instant process, but the results also can not be permanent. You can use deodorant products are currently widely available on the market. For example in the mini super market or even in the store are now widely available. Choose a quality product and fit with your body.

2. Using lime.
The content contained in lemon can kill the bacteria that cause body odor. Lemon juice can also help improve skin PH. It's easy, you cut lemon in half and rub it on your armpits, wait until slightly dry, then wash. You can also take advantage of the lime juice, how to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and mixed with betel leaf, then apply in the part that cause odor due to perspiration. Do not forget to rinse with clean water after've done.

3. Utilizing vinegar.
Anti-bacterial properties of the vinegar can resist the growth of bacteria. Try rubbing a little vinegar mixed with a little water in the armpits and other areas that smell. Allow to dry for some time and then rinse thoroughly. Do this before bed and clean when you wake up in the morning.

4. Water and roses.
Roses besides beautiful shape and the smell, the panacea is to eliminate underarm odor. Quite easy, mix roses with water, then squeeze. Apply rose water is under the arms and other parts of your body smells. Perform routine until your underarm odor is reduced.

5. Pureed tomatoes.
Tomatoes are also able to cure your underarm odor. Prepare 1-2 tomatoes, and stir until it becomes mush. Apply the tomato pulp in your armpit. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Do this for a few weeks, surely your underarm odor will be reduced.

6. Using Radish.
You know radish? you can get a radish in traditional markets or supermarkets. Make the juice of radish. Then fill in a small bottle of perfume your ex. Bring always radish juice is just where you go, and spray underarm at the moment of your underarm odor

7. Keep the body by wearing clean clothes.
One cause of the unpleasant underarm odor is due to the presence of bacteria and dead cells in the armpit. Take care of it for example with you wearing clean clothes and cotton that will help your skin to be more breathe.

8. Consumption of water is sufficient.
If you are diligent in drinking water, the circulation of water in your body will be smooth. White water useful for the production of healthy perspiration without odor. Compare the smell of sweat you if you larger portions of drinking water in addition to water. Drink water with at least enough in at least eight glasses a day.

You can try one of several tips and how to eliminate underarm odor naturally above. Make sure you try it with a disciplined and orderly. If an irritation or other skin problems in your armpit, immediately discontinue use of the material and consult a doctor.

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