Easy Way to Calculate Ideal Weight

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Ideal weight is the weight according to height, weight and also some other benchmark. It is not easy so we can get the ideal body weight because we have to adjust our height to our weight. A lot of people who want to have an ideal body weight because if someone already has an ideal body weight is certain he has a body that can be said to be perfect because of her height according to body weight or vice versa weight according to height. That is why we need to know how to calculate your ideal weight.

By having the ideal body weight is certainly a person can perform optimally so that it will be able to add simply believing in oneself. So do not be surprised if a lot of people are trying to do a strict diet to lose weight in order to get the ideal body weight. For that we can see that many people share how to lose weight quickly.

To calculate the ideal weight, the formula used is = (height - 100) x 90%
For example, suppose a person has a height of 170 cm, then how to calculate the ideal weight is: Ideal weight: (170-100) x 90% = 70 x 90% = 63 kg
So if someone's height 170 cm, the ideal weight is 63 kg person.

If you calculate the weight using this method it is 10 to 20 percent of your weight can still be considered normal. So if for example your height is 170 Ideally, the weight is 63 kg. Well you can still be considered normal if your weight 75.6 kg or 50.4 kg because it is still in the top 10 to 20 percent of your ideal body weight. But if your weight is more than 75.6 kg then you already included overweight or obese and if you weigh less than 50.4 kg then you including underweight or thin.

So how to easily calculate the ideal weight that I can share, there are actually several ways that can be used to calculate the ideal weight. But the way that I shared above is the most easy to use and not complicated so that you can use with ease. So how? if you've tried to measure your ideal weight?

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