How to Eliminate Mustache In Women Naturally And Traditional

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 Mustache as we know is a hair-like feathers generally growing on our lips. Whiskers generally only held by people, this mustache on each person is different, there is growing bushy mustache so that those who have it must often shave that is not too long. But there are also growing relatively slowly so concerned did not have any time to control it.

However, this mustache was not only able to grow on men alone ?! in women there are many who have this mustache but very thin and soft fur was impressed. For my friends who had a mustache but only thinly disguised, usually still cool-cool aja yes, but what about the little bit thick fur and long, this incipient problem !!! it is certainly going to make so not confident and subtracts a little beauty to the face. Therefore, the article related to eliminating the mustache in women naturally are then searched.

Well, now the question? whether friends who are reading this article there which included having a little fur mustache long and too thick? If the answer is YES then the friends need to pay attention to some things that we want to, may be recorded if required. The first and most important thing is, do not ever think to shave! we give is let emphatic exclamation point, once again do not ever shave it, why? because when friends desperate to shave the mustache, it will make a fine mustache is grown thicker. Then how to solve it? try to remove the mustache in women traditionally follows.

Before further discussing the issue of traditional and natural to remove the mustache on this woman, we would like to share a bit of information, which explains about the latest technology tips on how to cope with the mustache on this woman. In his explanation to say that today there is the latest technology that is known as Electrolysis. It is a method or way that is done to help remove the hair permanently mustache in women. Application of the same application as the laser process and the end result is a feather rabut above the lips will not grow again. The discussion specifically about this case will we write separately.

Now back to the natural way of eliminating the mustache in women with natural materials are fairly easy to obtain. Friends may try option 2 this natural mask. Apply discipline and routine of at least 1 times a week and this will greatly assist us in removing a thin mustache above our beautiful lips.

How to remove a mustache in women with masks of honey 
Lately we discuss a lot of honey, because it is in fact this honey save very many benefits to humans. How to make a mask of honey on removing the mustache on this woman. It is very easy, just prepare 3 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons of lemon and 1 tablespoon of sugar and mix all three. After the mixture is melted over low heat. Immediately apply the mask while the mixture is still warm in fur mustache above us. Then after that let it dry slightly. The next step by using a clean towel soaked, immediately wash the part had smeared. Take great care in cleaning movement, our movement is quite slow course and do the opposite direction of the growth of fine hair or whiskers that can fall out.

How to remove a mustache on a woman with a mask of lemon Lemon is also very much beneficial for us. Still remind us of other literary writings about the efficacy of these lemons? Now, through this opportunity one more efficacy and benefits of lemon will we say, that as an option to remove a mustache on a woman naturally. It is very easy, simply apply slices of lemon on the growth of whiskers. Effects gained from application of this method is that it helps suspend work follicles this will cause the hair on the upper lip area is not rapidly grow. But do not get removed, let alone so as not to cause irritation. If friends using the discipline in this way on a regular basis, then fine mustache hairs will fall out by itself and clear when growth will also not be too extreme.

By applying a mustache on a woman's way of eliminating this then your friends will get over the lip skin clean and free of disturbing beauty mustache friends. Actually choice of how to resolve the problem of fur mustache on this woman very much, therefore let me not confused then consult with a beauty consultant friends that helped to choose the way which is most appropriate for my friends use and relatively safe for skin types friends ,

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