How to Push Up A Right For Maximum Results

1:52 AM
Push-up is one exercise that is often done by most people. Either do it yourself at home or other sports venues. But that is not widely understood is how to correct push-ups. So many feel doing push-ups correctly but complain no changes occur in the body, or pain that arises after exercise.

Doing sports together with increased health. But the intensity of exercise and the wrong way then it becomes a disease. Then you have to understand how to exercise properly so as not to injury or other side effects.

Push up the training techniques related to hand muscles, but if do it right it can affect the abdominal muscles. Here's how to push up good and proper to be applied daily.
• Stomach with feet together position. For men only palms and toes attached to the floor, while women can also attach knee
• Start your weight lifting with hand strength. Strive to form a straight line from head to toe
• Preferably the position of the head always facing forward
• Set respiratory

Pay attention to every step in order not to avoid injury to your muscles. Warming up beforehand or just flex the limb is indispensable before exercise. Regarding the number should be gradual, do not immediately take the push up in too much simply because they want a faster gain bigger muscles.

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