How to Safely Shaving Beard And Mustache Without Shave Cream

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Keeping the appearance of not only done by women alone. Currently the men had already started to pay attention to his appearance. One of them is shaved beard or mustache hair in which the existence of the two is not much liked by men. For that nearly within two days once the men are always shave a mustache and beard. In practice there are two ways you can do to shave his beard and mustache, by using shaving cream and without the use of shaving cream.

By using shaving cream while shaving beards or mustaches will give a pleasant sensation, because shaving easier and the results are even more leverage. So what about the way shave without shaving cream, whether the result will be the same as those using shaving cream. Want to use shaving cream or the result would be the same as long as you do it the right way. Here is a step in the right if you are going to shave the beard or mustache without shaving cream.

How to shave easily without using a shaving cream that you can do: 

This is something that most people do not know when it's important to know. The reason why you need to know how to shave without shaving cream because maybe one day you do not have any cream to shave. Before we discuss the proper way to shave without shaving cream, first make sure that you know how important razor sharp. Without a razor sharp tool you will feel very difficult to shave because you will be doing is pulling hair and not cut as close to the skin.

Do not think that shaving cream is a good remedy for shavers were blunt, because it is not so. There are three things that you would need to shave without shaving cream. The things that you will need is hot water, soap and towels or warm cloths. The reason you need all these things is because you have to soak a towel in hot water and then put on your face or any place you want to shaving.

Once you've put a hot towel on your face, you will need to apply soap. Although, you do not have shaving cream, soap will make your skin smooth enough to prevent irritation. The only recommendation is that you should avoid shaving places that are not coated with soap. If the soap has been reduced, then reapply or you'll be at risk of skin irritation. When you shave very important to use hot water to rinse the shaver. The reason is to help clean razor blade while keeping it hot enough so quickly and easily cut your hair.

No matter if you have a lot or a little hair, you still have to take advantage of the effectiveness of hot knife. Most people do not realize how hot knife to shave better than the cold. But once you try it, you will never shave without hot water again. Shaving is not always easy, but as long as you know what to do, then it should be no problem.

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