How to Wash Face Correct

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How do I wash my face right? After the activity, certainly a lot of dust and dirt in our body, especially in our face. Especially for those of you who live in urban areas, exhaust and road dust are already familiar you see everyday. Once you are tired of working, the better you shower before resting. But if you are lazy bath because it was too tired, at least you do not wash your face first. Because in addition to making your face refreshed, wash also make your face clean and healthy. Wash the face of Good and True

Then how to wash your face is right for maximum results? Here are some tips on how to wash your face is good and right:

1. Make sure your hands are clean
Do not ignore this one. May seem trivial, but wash your hands before washing the face is very important. Mistakes are often made by many people immediately wash your face without first washing your hands. When you wash your face with hands still dirty, bacteria that exist in the hand can easily switch to your face. That means you do not really wash your face.

2. Use warm water
Many people still believe in the past treatment, wash your face with hot water and then rinse with cold water. The hot water is considered to be open pores, then rinsed with cold water to close the pores. It is absolutely not true. The use of water that is too hot can make the skin becomes dry, while the use of water that is too cold for the face can damage the vessels in your face. Temperature is best to wash your face with warm water. The result will look after you wash your face.

3. select the appropriate soap
You should recognize the type of your face first. Because soap is used for dry skin with soap is different from that used for normal skin or oily skin. You also need to pay attention to scrub the soap. Some people think the more scrub in the soap, the better to use. But actually use a scrub in the soap is not recommended. Better to choose a soap gel without scrub. If you really want are scrub, scrub ensure that there is on your face scrub soap soft. Then, if after washing the face still feels not clean and it feels dry, immediately to change the face washing soap, because it is a sign that the soap you use does not match your face.

The myth that the more rough skin, meaning the net you wash your face should be eliminated. Good soap is soap that makes your face becomes moist texture. Because if it is too dry means the natural moisture in your skin and you should erode quickly changed soap.

4. Do not wash your face too often
Face wash is good to do. However, if too often, wash your face can actually damage your skin. Too often face wash will make your skin becomes dry and irritated. For those of you who have oily skin, wash your face too much it often will make the face produce more oil. It is advisable to wash your face only twice a day. But perhaps if you wash your face more than twice if you sweat after exercising.

A few tips on how to wash your face or the face is good and right. No matter how the face wash is an important part of facial skin beauty care.

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