How to Whiten Underarm Natural Quickly

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It seems like a natural way underarm whitening can be done quickly using a variety of natural ingredients that are already proven to be effective. Nevertheless the results will not you get after a few days the application, but a few weeks after applying the method. For a woman to have a black or dark underarm skin has become a problem in itself, especially when having to wear clothes without sleeves. Black underarm skin that can be caused due to various factors, one of them is due to the inclusion of a substance or a microorganism into the pores of the skin armpits. In addition carelessly shaved armpits, plucking the armpit hairs, and also the use of deodorant excessive armpit is also a factor causing blackening.

How to whiten the armpit is naturally an alternative way that you can try to remember it's been a lot of underarm skin whitening products. One of the natural ingredients that you can try that with grapevines. The way is to soften the fruit wines to taste and mix with lemon juice. After it is applied to the skin of your armpit, wait a while and then rinse the armpits. This method can be done 3 times a day.

In addition to grapes there are many more ways to quickly whiten armpit using natural materials. If you want to try a natural way, here are some ways that you can apply on a regular basis to get the best results.

1. With honey and cucumber
Prepare half a cucumber peeled and 2 tablespoons of honey. The first step mashed cucumber first, make sure you do not grind until smooth. After that mix with honey and rub the mixture of natural ingredients in your armpit. After rubbing for 3 minutes and then let stand for 10 minutes. The last step simply by washing the armpits with warm water.

2. Vinegar and baking soda
The first step in advance to prepare the ingredients, 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda. Mix both ingredients until thickened. If it has been thickened directly apply on your armpits. Let stand for 15 minutes then wash your armpits with warm water.

3. Potato
You can grate the potatoes rough and rub it on the armpits. Once applied and let stand for 10 minutes then rub the grater.

4. Cucumbers and turmeric
Namely how to grind and mix the two. After that, apply the armpit and let stand for 10 only then rinse with water.

5. Milk and yoghurt
Prepare material that is 3 tablespoons of milk and 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Mix both ingredients until well blended then apply the armpit. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse with water. You can apply this way 2-3 times a week.

It's good way to whiten your armpits is applied after a shower so that your armpits clean first. To get the best results you should do regularly. A few beauty tips on how to whiten skin naturally underarm, may be useful.

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