Powerful Tips Eliminate Gray Hair

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Really annoying if age is young but already graying hair. If you're including the still young but already have gray hair and want to eliminate it, may be able to try out some way that will eliminate the gray hair on the pillowcase below. But before we find out first what is the real cause of the onset of gray hair?

Gray hair can occur for several reasons, including:
  • Smoke
    The presence of nicotine in the blood that tends to impede the flow of substances and nutrition needed for hair growth.
  • Genetic Factors
    Genetics or heredity may be a cause of gray hair. Try to pay attention to your parents, if they are gray at a young age? If true, it means that you have the genetic factors that lead to the onset of gray hair.
  • Stress
    Excessive stress can reduce levels of vitamin B12. And if the vitamin is continually depleted, can cause gray hairs emerge more quickly. But this is only temporary, if the body is not stressed it will return to normal and the gray hairs will not reappear.
  • Substances and Chemical Preservatives
    The use of shampoos, hair dyes, hair oils are indiscriminate and can also affect the onset of gray hair. Because of these substances will be absorbed into the scalp and hair influence pigment production. So be careful in choosing and using chemicals on your hair.

Then how to remove the gray hair? Here are tips on how to get rid of gray hair potent:
  • Passed a mixture of coconut oil and lime juice on the hair. Knead and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing.
  • Passed hazelnut oil on the hair, the way roasted hazelnut then mashed up to remove the oil, rubbed on the hair and let stand 15 minutes, Then rinse thoroughly and wash.
  • How to get rid of gray hair is to use thick tea and add a teaspoon of salt into the tea. Pour evenly to the hair while massaging the scalp. Allow one hour, then rinse it with cold water and do not wash, because his usefulness will be lost.

In addition you also have to pay attention to daily food intake, with more foods that contain calcium, iron and B vitamins complete, vitamin A found in green vegetables, and minerals.

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