Powerful Tips to Eliminate Eye Bags

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Eye bags are usually experienced by those who often lack of sleep or staying up late, often working too long at the computer, lack of drinking water and work more than eight hours a day. If you want to eliminate eye bags and treat your eyes, the following tips on how to remove bags under the eyes.

The easiest way you can do to get rid of bags under the eyes is to use cold water. Use a cloth that has been dipped in cold water and rub on both eyes, let stand for several minutes. Do this routine before you sleep. You can see your eyes bag was gone the next morning.

Do you like to drink tea? Do not dispose tea dregs. Put the tea dregs in the fridge to cool and kompreskan the tea waste on the area around the eyes. Do this for about a few minutes, this way is believed to remove bags under the eyes. Tea you can also use a face mask. Tannin content in tea is very good for sunburn on the skin and eliminate acne. In addition, tea contains anti-oxidants to prevent premature aging. Try tea dregs soak overnight and use as a facial mask to rub it on the entire face and neck. Allow to dry, then rinse thoroughly.

You can use cucumber as a natural way to remove eye bags. Sliced cucumbers have you enter the refrigerator and cover the eye area. Such as tea, you can also use as a cucumber face mask. Mash and puree of cucumber and rub on the face. Do not forget to clean with cold laps later, this method can be useful to reduce excess oil and freshen the face.

In addition you also can eliminate eye bags using potatoes. The trick thinly sliced potatoes with first peeled and washed, then the results of earlier grated paste on the area around the eyes. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse with clean water.

In addition to eliminating eye bags all the way at the top, you can also use the liquid milk and egg white. Take a cotton swab to taste then wet with liquid milk, put the cotton in the area of eye bags. Let stand for about fifteen minutes and then rinse with clean water.

To get rid of eye bags with egg white, the way is to dip the brush on the egg white and then rubbed on the area of eye bags. Let stand for a moment a few minutes then rinse with cold water.

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