The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Pomade

3:35 PM
Lately, many people who use pomade or hair oils famous of American's and although the price is enough to drain the wallet. but they still bought to satisfy desires
What's pomade? Pomade is one of the products for hairdressers and more likely for men, pomade has been recognized from ancient times such as the 1900s, even the President of the United States. pomade, and his pomade specifically named Barack Obama. Pomade made from coconut oil, lanolin, wax and perfume or fragrance and there is also the benefit of pomade. Pomade following benefits and drawbacks:

- Create slick or greasy hair
Nowadays many want to look neat especially when you are presenting or performing in front of umu, it is clear pomade can make your hair look very slick, besides also looks slick wet look natural.

- Maintaining the position of the hair
Using very pomade can maintain the position of hair, even can be used you are wearing a helmet and you need to know pomade can be strong up to 3 days if not rinsed.

-create a new style or new style Pomade can also make you easily create a new style in your hair, because it is different from gatsby, when when using pomade we can use up our hair style hair especially easy on the set, and can be organized when using pomade
But there is also a shortage or the impact of the use of excessive pomade:

- Death of black color on the hair and turned red
Especially when frequently wearing pomade every day most likely natural black color on the hair turned red as dry hair.

- Potential hair loss
Pomade adverse if often using every day because pomade has a very strong effect exceeds the usual hair gel.

- Make headaches
headaches emergence, due strong effect of the pressure that pomade given when to often using pomade will feel dizzy when wearing excessively.

- The growth of acne
acne Will arise because pomade contain oil. When body temperature start rising, slowly automatic hardness of the hair oil is faded, especially when sweating.

- Emergence of dandruff
Can cause the appearance of dandruff because it does not fit with the type of hair and scalp sensitivity of each hair characters

It is better to reduce the usage of pomade of at least 2 times a week, or when there is only important events such as presentations, performing concerts, is only needed when we needed it. When using excessive and continuously will cause effect because pomade made from chemicals

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