Ways to Overcome Problems Dry Lips and Black

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Lips is one of the most important parts that can support your view. Red lips natural course very much coveted especially for women who are very concerned with appearance. Talking about the lip unfortunately not all women are endowed with red lips and beautiful. even so, do not be discouraged because every person is different, it is important that we always make sure if the lips are always in good condition and also humid.

Nowadays various methods are used by women to get beautiful lips with red, so the lipstick became an option. The use of lipstick that is too long will eventually cause a variety of side effects issue, one of which is easy to dry lips and in the case of frequently encountered lips even darker than before.

Lipstick does contain chemicals that are not good for the lips in the long term, therefore, be sure to choose a lipstick or lip coloring that contain natural ingredients. in fact, the use of moisturizing alone is quite enough to keep us healthy condition and looks beautiful.

Regarding the problem of dry lips and black, we will describe some of the ways you can do to resolve the issue. What to do? The following descriptions.

1. Using Honey
The content of the honey had been shown to have many benefits and benefits for the human body. In addition to good to be consumed directly, honey also turned out several other benefits to our body. One was to address and overcome the problem of dry lips black. To overcome the problem of dry lips and black, you can apply honey to taste the lip area with pressed and massage gently. treatment with honey do this at least 3 times a week to get maximum results.

2. Using Cucumber
The second natural materials that we can use to cope with dry lips and black is to use cucumber. This plant is proven to overcome the problem of dryness of the lips. In addition to the lips, cucumber can also be used to overcome problems and dry skin on the heel of the foot. To use cucumber as a drug to treat dry lips can be done by smoothing the cucumber and mix with lemon. Apply a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice to your lips high last about 15 minutes. Rinse using clean water and do this treatment regularly every day.

3. Using Aloe Vera
The third way that you can do to overcome the problem of the appearance of dryness on the lips is to use aloe vera plant. This plant is already no secret that has properties that are very good for our health. Besides being used for hair, skin and hair care, aloe vera can also be used to cope with dry lips and black. How to use it is quite easy just by applying aloe vera gel to the area of our lips and wait about 15 minutes before cleaning. do this treatment diligently and regularly to obtain desired results.

Well that's 3 sure-fire way that can sista try and practice their own home to overcome the problem of dry lips and black. Avoid smoking because this could be one of the main causes of the black facto lip area. If you still want to wear lipstick, try wearing lipstick that does not contain hazardous materials and are made from natural ingredients. good luck!

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